Next-generation codon translation, simplified


Simplified, customizable gene optimization

Codonify is the next generation of gene optimization technologies.


For the first time ever, scientists and researchers have access to AI-driven gene optimization algorithms specifically designed from the ground up to optimize genes in any organism.

Customize amino acid translations to your requirements through our collection of NCBI-based codon tables, or specify exactly the percentage that each codon should be used in the final sequence.

Our advanced AI-based algorithms create, analyze, and merge up to half a billion sequences per submission to produce a single final nucleotide sequence that is tailored to your unique preferences, all while intelligently avoiding known problem sites.

With Codonify, you get gene optimization that's light years ahead of the competition.


Let's optimize the future together.


COVID-19 Note:

We believe that we are stronger when we work together. For all research related to COVID-19, we are providing unlimited access to our services for free. Contact us below.


Fast Facts:

  • Over 100 billion codons analyzed to date

  • International clients from Ivy Leagues to government research organizations

  • Next-gen AI-powered algorithms

  • Fully customizable parameters

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