How it works:

Here's the rundown on how Codonify works.

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Choose a subscription plan that fits your needs. Right now, we offer per user monthly plans that include unlimited submissions.

You can cancel anytime.


Enter the member portal and start a submission.

Use our custom member portal to access the submission page.

Our forms allow for utmost customization, giving you over 8500+ predefined codon tables, or allowing you to specify your own.

You can also add sequences you would like to avoid.


Let the magic happen.

Upon submission, we'll spin up your very own cloud computing instance to process your data. Our patent-pending algorithms will generate up to 500 million sequences using our proprietary machine-learning technology to optimize your data. Your data is protected by the same encryption that banks use throughout the process.


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Within 6 hours, you will receive an email with your results in your inbox, along with any special notes from your processing.

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